The Ultimate Feudal Landlord Fantasy

Lords & Villeins is a historical top-down strategy sim game with a heavy emphasis on the authenticity of the environment through complex mechanics, advanced AI, and procedurally generated content. It drives inspiration from games like Rimworld, Prison Architect and Banished to craft unique experience within a familiar genre.

You play as bailiff – the overseer and manager of the manorial land in the ownership of your lord. Your task is to cultivate the land to provide everything necessary for the king. Collect taxes, generate resources, train soldiers for the army, grow the village and build the manor, decide on legal matters and host other lords and noblemen to extend the power of your house.

Only those who are strong enough to rule will rise to power and serve the king. The stakes are high and those who fail will forever be forgotten.

Layout walls and paths, build fences for animals, create farms, set up structures and production facilities, expand your manor and create your own unique settlement!

Create Zones
Create manageable zones with a specific purpose to decide how your land should be cultivated. The land is a resource and every piece of it must be used well!

Pass Ownership
Assign zones to families and negotiate their terms. Be too nice and your production will suffer. Exploit your people too much and you might have a famine on your hands!

Grow Economy
Take advantage of the production chain and balance the needs and skills of your villagers to maximize your production. Every profession is depicted with historical accuracy!

Train Army
Recruit your villagers and train them to become loyal soldiers. Craft their equipment and use them to guard your people or send them to war to fullfill your duty.

Solve Events
Step in to resolve various legal matters, organize fairs and celebrations or host noblemen to grow your political power and negotiate better deals with your partners.

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