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This article addresses the frequently asked questions. If you are interested in more thorough answers on some of them, don't miss this post where I explain my decision to start Patreon.

Where can I play the game?

There will be a playable demo available on itch and Steam very soon. Patrons will also receive a link to additional builds once they are available and the game will be available on Steam in early access later this year.

Will there be a console version?

Under the current plan, consoles are not the focus. It is not a definitive no, but no console support is planned right now.

Is the game available for iOS or Linux?

Unfortunately, I don't have the resources to provide official support for these platforms. However, I can make iOS and Linux builds and so far they have been working so I will continue to do them for now. Patrons will be able to download them but there would be no guarantees and bugs are expected.

Where can I follow the development?

The easiest way is to follow me on Patreon and Twitter. Becoming a Patreon gives you access to patron-exclusive posts if you want to follow the development even more closely, but most of my content is public. I try to post on all social media so I encourage you to follow me there as well. You can also join my mailing list.

Can I contribute to the game?

The best thing you can do is play the game and give me your feedback :-) Being an active member of the community also helps tremendously and you are always welcome to mod it (I try to make it easier with some mod support eventually). For more direct collaboration, there might be opportunities in the future but currently, I do not seek people to join the team.

Will the game be translated?

I am planning to provide official support for multiple languages but I did not settle for any specific group of languages yet. Community translations will be possible and I will provide an easy way to create them when they are ready.

What is the state of development?

Most of the core mechanics of the game have been implemented and the core loop of the game is present, however, some central pieces are still missing (simulated economy, proper goal system and improvements on the AI side of things). For more details be sure to check the roadmap.

What inspired you to make this game?

I honestly love playing city-building games. I'm also a big AI nerd and worlds of simulation and procgen are very tempting to play with.

How long have you been working on it?

More than two years. I estimated about 2 500 hours of work that I have invested during this time. The development began in February 2018.

When is the release?

The public demo should arrive by the end of April 2020. Early access is currently planned for July 2020 and full release about two years after (May 2022). Make sure to head over to my website to learn about the full roadmap.

How long have you been into game dev?

Over 15 years, professionally around 4 (I'm 29). My interests started very early on and I was absorbed by the complexity and creativity the game dev career is offering ever since I started playing computer games.

What are your goals with this game?

By far the most important reason is to find my audience and entertain other people as games entertained me for many years. In the longterm, my goal is to grow a small studio where people can express their creative freedom.

Is villeins a typo?

The short answer is no :-) For the long answer, check out this post.

I still have questions

No worries. I am happy to answer them! Throw me an email or give me notice on my social media.