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About Honestly Games

Honestly Games is a studio founded in Czechia, but bringing together an international team of talents from around the world. We strive to make immersive games and build communities that love to create, share, and express themselves through gaming. Founded in 2019 around our first title Lords and Villeins, we are dedicated to bringing amazing and memorable games directed by our honest vision strengthened through player feedback and active interaction with our community.

Michal Roch

Founder, Gamedesign, Production

Michal founded the company in 2019. With a creative soul and a mind set out for solving problems, his passion and curiosity for making games was rooted in early childhood. He is passionate about making them and even more about sharing them with others.

Christian Markowicz

Lead Programming

Christian joined the team at the end of 2020 to take on the challenge of designing the architecture and further developing the complex systems and AI of Lords and Villeins. As a core member of the team, he is also a big part of the designing process.

Andrea Perez Florez

Lead Artist

Andrea left her marks on Lords and Villeins as a lead artist and crafted a unique and wonderful art style for the game. She is a master of effective visuals and in her work she likes to focus on emotional connection that brings people together.

Adam Bow


Adam has joined the project with his signature style to craft beautiful and mesmerizing soundtrack for the game. Influenced by his favorite games from Nintendo, the fairy-tale magic of Zelda can be still recognized in the medieval melodies of Lords and Villeins.