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Minor Patch 0.12.20 Has Been Released

Thanks to the help and effort of our community members, we have collected plenty of feedback since the launch of our latest major patch - The World Update. We took the time to address the most critical feedback and fix bugs and issues, now neatly packaged in this new minor update. As always, thank you, everyone, for sharing your feedback on Steam, on our Discord, reporting bugs, and giving your suggestions. We are very grateful to have such a wonderful and supportive community!

If you would like to share your own feedback, be welcome to join our Discord as well! You can also mail us bug reports to info@lordsandvilleins.com. In order to identify and resolve issues quickly, please include any screenshots or relevant save files, which you can locate at C:\Users\USER\AppData\LocalLow\Honestly Games\Lords and Villeins\SaveData.

CZ/SK Games Week Livestream

It is almost becoming a tradition to share a livestream announcement with a patch release. So, we are happy to announce our participation in the upcoming CZ/SK Games Week - a week-long celebration of games developed by Czech and Slovakian developers, including Bohemia Interactive, Amanita Design, SCS Software, and many others!

The event will run from 15th to 22nd November and we are preparing a special live stream on Steam on Friday 19th at 10PM CET (1 PM PT or 4PM ET) so mark your calendars and come say hello! We will share more details in an upcoming announcement.

You can check out the last year Steam event here.


  • Quality of Life Improvements:
    • The Innkeeper family is now capable of burying visiting family members and caravans.
    • Meat hooks are now prioritized more unless it is too far away.
    • Added information in the tooltip if a structure is walkable.
    • Visuals of children now appear smaller relative to adults.
    • Overhauled pricing animals and animal corpses. Distance to the butcher now has the highest impact on which family gets to sell first.
    • Added debuff that blocks family from selling the donated resources on the market for several days.
    • Increased notification timer to reduce the notification spam.
    • Many structures automatically remove trees and rocks on their access points.
    • Marketplace zones now recommend building fireplaces so arriving caravans can heat up during winter more easily.
    • Reduced volume of main menu music and night ambient sound.
    • Improved the UI settings screen.
    • Optimization of the financing book UI, reducing FPS drops when operating with the UI.
    • Added a new Caravans page in the financing book, which lets the ruling family purchase from caravans.
    • Updated the market listings allowing players to set price points for caravans to make them interested in purchasing.
    • Added option to toggle not locking mouse cursor in borderless windowed modes.
    • Trees no longer grow during winter, but they can still be planted in winter.
    • Placing a roof now removes the trees under the roof.
    • Wild animals will no longer attack owned animals unless they are desperate.
    • Fireplaces in the marketplace, warehouse, caravan marketplace and the inn can now also be used by everyone to warm up.
    • Temporarily disabled hunger for caravan animals to prevent them starving until we add an option to feed them.
  • Balancing:
    • Reduced amount of meals arriving families have due to the addition of the inn.
    • Updated how starting families are generated to introduce bad luck protection.
    • Caravans appear more often but with fewer goods. This should make purchasing animals also faster.
    • Reduced yields of hops on a trellis.
    • Increased range of a hideout. Villagers are now more likely to hunt from within the hideout as opposed to roaming freely in the wild.
    • Updated base prices for animals.
    • Increased price of a meal at the inn to make inkeepers more profitable.
    • Reduced the hunting targets for hunters to reduce waste.
    • Updated relationship system
    • villagers should go on dates more often and progress their relationships faster. This should also increase the likelihood of marriage requests.
    • Balanced the food consumption of animals and increased the inventory size of a feeder.
  • Bugfixes:
    • Fixed bug causing NPC to leave hideout immediately after finding a target.
    • Fixed bug that villagers are not paying for beer or meals at the inn.
    • Fixed issues with loading save files from an older version.
    • Fixed bug that deleted original save files when saving failed.
    • Fixed bug causing equipment not to be removed from the villager when durability dropped to 0.
    • Fixed several AI crashes when trying to bury a corpse under specific circumstances.
    • Fixed several bugs causing some games to fail to save.
    • Fixed bug that displayed Hyperthermia death notification displayed instead of Hypothermia.
    • Fixed issue of two villagers colliding on storing gold in the same chest, resulting in gold being thrown on the ground.
    • Fixed issue with families in the king screen being generated with 0 family members.
    • Fixed issue incorrectly adding a large amount of favor points.
    • Fixed issue with a pet wandering off far away and then coming back.
    • Fixed issue which did not generate demand for a brewery and prevented beer production.
    • Fixed Issues with settings being saved incorrectly.
    • Fixed issue with flailing spots going invisible and not finishing flailing if the priority for grains is set to 0.
    • Fixed causing the AM/PM indicator to be displaying incorrectly.
    • Fixed issue that caused couples to have sex and children less often than they should.
    • Fixed issues with the temperature model and improved the colors of the temperature overlay to be more accurate.
    • Fixed issue with pet owners repeatedly leashing their pets.
    • Fixed crash when removing knackery with corpses from a zone.
    • Fixed anchoring of the main menu to improve the experience on widescreen aspect ratios.