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Latest News

Minor Update v0.15.17 Released!

12th April 2022

For the second round of hotfixes for the recently released Nobility and Clergy update, we have been focusing on AI, crashes and added few extra UI improvements. Especially those of you, who are playing on bigger maps, will certainly find useful the ability to change the frequency of autosaves in the settings, or turn them off alltogether! We have addressed a lot of issues, so let's just jump into the changelog right away.

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Nobility and Clergy Will Join Your Settlement in the Next Update!

17th January 2022

As we are approaching the final stages of development on our upcoming major update - The Nobility and Clergy - it is time to share with you details on what's coming! Let's see what the next update brings!

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Gather up! Growing community of Lords and Villeins

9th December 2021

From sharing feedback, posting reviews, and spreading the word about the game, to creating content and participating in our Discord, the community is helping us to make a better game. And not only that! You are making the journey of developing Lords and Villeins a wonderfully joyful experience! We take every opportunity we can, to thank you. And we keep looking for ways to improve the spaces and tools our community can use, to communicate with each other.

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Minor Update v0.12.20 Released!

11th November 2021

Thanks to the help and effort of our community members, we have collected plenty of feedback since the launch of our latest major patch - The World Update. We took the time to address the most critical feedback and fix bugs and issues, now neatly packaged in this new minor update!

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Lords and Villeins Halloween Update is Here!

29th October 2021

That's right! New major update 0.12.17 has arrived and brings many new features for you to enjoy! From the traveling salesmen, the Inn and travelers visiting, to hunting, new weather effects, temperature simulation, fighting and more. You can even look forward to some spooky additions - plant pumpkins on your farms and place Jack-o-Lanterns 🎃 to make your village more mysterious!👻

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Game F.A.Q. and Livestream

20th October 2021

We have received tons of support from our community - suggestions, feedback, bug reports, and questions. In this F.A.Q. we answer them all! And also have a small teaser for you of the next update.

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Devlog #1 - The Hidden Complexity of Lords and Villeins

29th September 2021

Since Lords and Villeins is launching in Early Access tomorrow, we are hoping you will enjoy the game and have a positive experience when it comes out. But today, we want to share with you a story. A story of how this game started with a small but very ambitious idea that could easily prove to us to be impossible.

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We are entering Steam Early Access on September 30th!

15th September 2021

Today we have glorious news to share with all citizens of our kingdom - Lords and Villeins will be releasing in Steam Early Access on September 30th!

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We Have Joined Forces with 1C Entertainment!

26th March 2021

We are happy to announce our collaboration with the publisher 1C Entertainment to bring Lords and Villeins to PC this Spring via Steam Early Access!

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