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Gather up! Growing community of Lords and Villeins

From sharing feedback, posting reviews, and spreading the word about the game, to creating content and participating in our Discord, the community is helping us to make a better game. And not only that! You are making the journey of developing Lords and Villeins a wonderfully joyful experience! We take every opportunity we can, to thank you. And we keep looking for ways to improve the spaces and tools our community can use, to communicate with each other.

Recently, our Discord server has grown to nearly 600 players and our Twitter is nearing its 500 landmark. Proactive community members have started an official Reddit and a few people have already got into modding thanks to a dedicated channel on our Discord! There we have also launched special commands and bots to post suggestions that people can vote on for our following updates.

Ask us anything! We are hosting a live Q&A!

When: Wednesday 15th, 8PM CET (2PM EST/ 11AM PST)

It's been a while since the launch of our early access and we want to give everyone a chance to ask us anything they want to know! Are you interested in our plans? Do you want to know how we approach game design? Something about the developers themselves? We are very open with our development, so we will be happy to answer them all! The stream will be live on our Twitch and later posted on our Youtube, so follow us there to be alerted when it goes live.

Where can you post your questions?

Join our Discord and use !question-lav in any of our channels. It will be reposted in a special ask-the-dev channel, which will be regularly reviewed on our following Q&A sessions. Sometimes you may even catch some developer-live streams in our VOIP channels and ask us there! If you're not on Discord, you can also use our dedicated post on Reddit.

Call for contributors! We are hosting an official wiki

With Lords and Villeins, we always had a very simple goal - you should not need to exit the game to learn how to play it. Civilization games have been a great inspiration for us in this way. We introduced a detailed tutorial, added many learning tip notifications, and continuously expand our in-game knowledge book. However, when it comes to player strategies, synergy, theory crafting, and knowledge learned through experiments, an external wiki is a better place. We want to give tools to our community to cooperate, create content and solve the complexity of Lords and Villeins together.

So, we have started an official wiki at https://wiki.lordsandvilleins.com/ and we are in search of moderators and creators!

A content creator can be anyone! Simply create an account and start a new page. Moderators are slightly more advanced - they will be in charge of reviewing the content, creating a structure, and working with us to receive feedback. Wiki is primarily a community effort and we seek to give our moderators very high autonomy and we will also be happy to share information about the game where it makes sense. We use the MediaWiki platform so moderators should be (or be willing to become) familiar with its content editing tools and ideally know HTML and CSS. If you want to apply for a moderator position, please contact us on our Discord.

High Council - your chance to enter the closed beta program!

The High Council is our team of closed beta testers, who receive early access to a new version of the game. We regularly open new positions and since the next major update is close to being done, we will be opening new positions soon! If you want to make sure you get your chance to enter, come and join our Discord! To keep the beta testing focused, we try to keep the number of testers relatively low, so being active in our community, posting screenshots, and talking about the game, improves your chance of getting in.

And that marks the end of our community post. Thank you everyone for being active and keeping the conversation around the game lively. We look forward to seeing it growing even more in the future, as we are approaching the full release and beyond. As for the development of the game, we are fully focused on the next major update now - aside from new features such as clergy and nobility and a bunch of new zones and professions, we are focusing on balancing and improving the economy of the game as much as we can, so stay tuned for the beginning of 2022! In the meantime, we will try to keep you in the loop with some behind the scene blog posts.

Stay awesome and we wish you a Merry Christmas!