Grow dynasties of medieval families and see them evolve and interact as you build their homes.

Lightearted pixel art city builder where you manage peasant and noble families, expand your production chain and influence the daily lives of your villagers to craft a unique story of your settlement.

At the heart of its design is an emotional journey - seeing your villagers grow, evolve, create relationships, go through struggles and challenges to shape their lives and stories in interesting ways.

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Build your Settlement

Use the toolset to create and decorate the houses for your villagers. Expand your manor, build churches, warehouses and all kinds of buildings your civilization needs to prosper. Thanks to your input, no settlement is ever the same.

Split the Land

Take advantage of the procedurally generated world, understand where certain lands are best to be and set your village up in the most efficient way. Or just experiment and go wild!

Manage Families

The family profession is passed between generations and their members are tied to your service. Your production depends on who is living in your settlement so be sure to get to know them well.

Provide Land to the People

Your villagers are tied with their life to your land and will work as long as they are given the opportunity but they can also be the source of problems and may disobey your orders. Expect some tough decisions to be made.

Expand your Production Chain

The production chain involves over 100 different resources and 40 professions. Every game is different and so are the industries you end up adopting in your economy.

Prepare for the Winter

Collect production and control the economy. Take too much and your villagers may starve. Take too little and you might be in trouble with the king. Are you willing to risk some lives?

Be Part of the Community

Lords & Villeins has been in development for over two years and everything from the art, code, and music has been done by a single game developer. It would not exist without the support of my friends and the community. I encourage you to be part of it and would love to welcome you on our journey to see this game where it can ultimately be.

Latest News

New Demo Update is Live!

27th August 2020

Ever since the first release of the demo here on, the game has been played by thousands of players both here, on Steam and other platforms. This has brought me very valuable feedback so I decided that before advancing the development towards the early access, I will revisit the demo with another free update that addresses many of the issues and some quality of life improvements people have pointed out. You can see the full list of changes in the changelog at the end of this post.

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Development so Far

Start of Development

At first, the game was just a silly idea, but eventually grew into a passion that I decided to pursue as a career. Since then, I've spent more than 2000 hours working on the game with dozens being added every week.

First Prototype

The basic systems have been implemented and I could gather some crucial feedback to decide where I want to take the game next. It has helped tremendously to shape the core ideas and I started presenting the game more publicly.

Discovering Spelkollektivet

I moved to Spelkollektivet for the summer - a house full of indie game developers in the middle of Sweden. It has been a great source of opportunities and inspiration. I eventually decided to move there permanently before the end of the year to fully focus on the development.

Playable Demo

After I left my job and decided to work full-time on the game, the development has increased in speed tremendously and I was able to develop a playable demo. Thanks to the feedback I was able to set plans to release it publicly, began working on my Steam page and strengthening my online presence.

Public Demo Release

After a lot of hard work I have finaly managed to release the demo publicly, launch my Patreon and start growing the community. The release was originaly planned for April but during the development I have realised I need to put more efforts in the initial content and a lot of the features that I planned for pre-alpha were moved to the demo as well.

Roadmap of What's to Come!


This pre-release build will be accessible to my Patreons and will be the first step towards early access release in summer.

  • Domesticated animals will be added to the game
  • Most of missing peasant professions will be implemented
  • The tutorial is an optional mode of the game - a scripted scenario with limited options
Alpha 1 - Early Access

The game will be available for purchase both on Steam and this website. From now on, a cycle of monthly releases will be adopted if possible.

  • Ability to control the terms of the contract with villagers (changes productivity and affects villagers mood).
  • Villagers have basic needs that affect their mood and productivity - hunger, sleep
  • Basic quest system that demands players to pay increasing taxes to the king each year
  • Ability to set priorities for each land (i.e what type of crops should be produced on a farm)
Alpha 2 - Economy Update I

The goal of this release is to implement the core ingame economy systems.

  • A storage system that makes resources a "physical" part of the world - resources are no longer drafted from a commonly shared pool and each family controls their own
  • Villagers pay taxes by transferring resources to storage structures in the warehouse making them ownership of the player
  • Villagers can utilize markets to trade resources with other families
  • Villagers can be paid gold as part of the terms of the contract (makes it possible to take more production while still giving them the ability to feed themselves)
  • The player can sell resources in the warehouse in exchange for gold
Alpha 3 - Economy Update II

Aims at improving the economy systems, balancing prices and missing environmental effects.

  • Ability to make certain resources in the warehouse publicly available (i.e. hand out free food in times of need)
  • The traveling salesman will visit the town - player resources can now be exchanged only when the salesman is present and trade is limited to what they want/offer
  • Weather effects (rain, snow, wind) are added and the temperature is now simulated and has an effect on the mood and health of villagers
Alpha 4 - Economy Control

Focuses on features that add more control over the economy to the hands of the player.

  • Land cycling for farming (a certain percentage of land should be left to replenish nutriments)
  • Miners can prospect mountains to mine targeted resources strategically and more efficiently
  • The player can ask for a family with a specific profession every year if he manages to meet the goals for the year and is also rewarded with gold
Alpha 5 - AI and Relationships

This build improves the capabilities of the AI to have them socialize and build relationships.

  • Villagers have higher-level needs (loneliness, beauty, comfort)
  • Villagers have abstract conversations and develop relationships (both positive and negative)
  • Villagers age, marry, have children and die
Alpha 6 - AI Improvements

This build continues to improve the AI and adds missing features. Since it is around Christmas, it will be much smaller in scope.

  • Villagers can use equipment to improve their efficiency, mood and health
  • Villagers skill are increasing based on their experience
Alpha 7 - Nobility

The goal here is to implement another set of zones and professions that can only be done by families with a noble origin.

  • Noble villagers are introduced - they have higher living standards and can perform different professions
  • A basic set of noble zones and professions are added to the game (jewelry, art, stables, market)
Alpha 8 - Church

Continuing in the same direction, this time focusing on professions and mechanics around the church.

  • Villagers can now leave their families and join the church to perform a different profession
  • The church acts as one family, meaning all members of the church share the same resources
  • Most church-related zones and professions are added to the game (church, library, apothecary, cemetery...)
Alpha 9 - Army

This build adds the last missing set of professions revolved around training an army.

  • Villagers can now be recruited to leave their family and become a soldier and train for battle
  • Members of the military have access to resources from the warehouse according to the restrictions set by the player
  • Barracks and fighting and leadership professions are added to the game
Alpha 10 - Criminality

With the presence of an army, the goal of this build will be to increase their usability and effect in the game

  • Villagers can now do criminal acts (stealing, assault, murder)
  • Jail and execution display are added to the game
  • The player can recruit guards from soldiers and setup guardposts to catch criminals
  • The player can decide to execute criminals to set an example and control criminality
  • Trained soldiers can equip armor and weapons
  • Soldiers are sent away (to war) on a regular basis as part of the yearly goal system
Alpha 11 - Events I

The aim here is to increase the unpredictiablity and variability of the game. Because of the scope of these features, they will be released in two separate builds.

  • Random events are added to the game. The player decides an outcome where all options shape the future of the settlement in a specific way
  • Townhall is added to the game. Villagers now turn to the player to solve their problems (similar to random events but less impactful)
Alpha 12 - Events II

This is the second part of the variability focused builds.

  • Wild animals are now added to the game. They will attack villagers if guard posts or walls are not in place
  • Foragers can now hunt wild animals in royal forests
Alpha 13 - Player's Family

The focus is to make the presence of the player in the game world more believable and impactful

  • Manor-related zones and professions are added (gardens, courtyard, royal kitchen, treasury)
  • A unique noble family is added to the game - the bloodline that rules over the land
  • The preservation of this family is now an additional goal of the player, arranging a marriage with other noble families (losing this bloodline can result in game over)
Alpha 14 - Character Portraits

This build is aiming at improving various visual aspects of the game, mostly the addition of character portraits

  • Character portraits are now displayed during the random event dialogue (character "matches" the visuals of the villager)
  • The head of the player's family (current lord) has to serve certain days in war every year. There will be a chance the lord will not survive (player must make sure potential heir is always present)
Alpha 15 - Management UI

This aims to add additional functionality to many existing zones to introduce new unique UI and give the player more information that can help him manage the settlement

  • Finances book to keep track of the economy
  • The family book gives more information about relationships, opinions, etc.
  • Criminal records track villagers with a higher risk of criminal activity
Alpha 16 - Lower-priority Features

Aim of this build is to implement lower-priority features to expand the functionality of existing systems.

  • Villagers can ride horses
  • Villagers can develop short-term and longterm injuries
  • Variety of personalities is increased (some villagers can get jealous, spiteful, greedy etc.)
Alpha 17 - Polishing

This build aims to polish the experience of the game and make it smooth around the edges.

  • Various bug fixes (more than usual) and small improvements
Alpha 18 - Community Update I

In this build the focus is on mod support and community features. Due to the large scope of these features, they will be separated in two builds.

  • Basic mod support functionality is added
Alpha 19 - Community Update II

Second part of the community oriented features.

  • Mod support functionality is improved
  • The Steam workshop is implemented
Alpha 20 - Soundtrack and Audio

Focus here is to set development aside and focus on finalising the composition and soundtrack as well as audio for the game.

  • The complete soundtrack for the game is released
  • Audio quality is improved

Bugfixes, bugfixes, and bugfixes

  • More bugfixes
Release 1.0

After 4 years of development (if not more?). Phew. Can we get there? With your support, we definitely can!
If you want to see it happen just as much as I do, don't forget to join our Patreon!