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Minor Update v0.15.17 Released!

For the second round of hotfixes for the recently released Nobility and Clergy update, we have been focusing on AI, crashes and added few extra UI improvements. Especially those of you, who are playing on bigger maps, will certainly find useful the ability to change the frequency of autosaves in the settings, or turn them off alltogether! We have addressed a lot of issues, so let's just jump into the changelog right away.

We are monitoring both the Steam forums and conversations on our Discord. You can also mail us your feedback to info@lordsandvilleins.com. If you wish to file a bug report, please make sure to include a screenshot and ideally a save file and player logs, that can be located in Users\[USER]\AppData\LocalLow\Honestly Games\Lords and Villeins\ and the SaveData subfolder.

Major Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed several issues with trash pile management.
  • Fixed a bug that caused an accounting report to not show the previous season.
  • Fixed a crash caused when villagers are removing a knackery with corpses inside.
  • Fixed several crashes with AI causing them to be "Doing nothing" and eventually starving or freezing.
  • Fixed bug with Coinmakers not making money from silver or copper.
  • Fixed an issue with the calculation of donations to the clergy by noble families. This is a likely cause behind frequent departures of nobles despite limited donations done by the player.
  • Fixed an issue with building a structure that causes the creation of an unclickable and unremovable blueprint.
  • Fixed an issue with animal procreation needs, preventing them from reproducing.
  • Fixed scaling for animal generation frequency on bigger maps.
  • Fixed an issue with caravans not coming to town perpetually, after a deadly incident.
  • Fixed a few issues causing corrupted save files and preventing the game from saving.
  • Fixed an issue with caravans getting temporarily stuck when leashing animals during departure.
  • Fixed issue causing villagers of exiled families constantly leash animals to the edge of the map.
  • Fixed an issue making it possible for a villager or an animal move into a structure that was under construction and becomming permanently stuck
  • Fixed an issue causing lag spikes when villagers tried to enter an inaccessible area
  • Fixed an issue causing villagers to be stuck when they try to empty bar after sitting on a chair
  • Improved the pricing system to reflect long existing stock that has not been sold off. This should drive prices down the more villagers compile produced resources and trigger caravans to become interested in purchasing. We have identified this to be the main reason for a low caravan interest.
  • Fixed the description text of the feeder to display assigned animals correctly.
  • Added missing resources to the farmland production list (Wheat, Barley, Oat, Rye, Rice).

Minor and/or Visual Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed an issue causing villagers selling ingredients that they should not be selling.
  • Fixed an issue with donating money to multiple families.
  • Fixed an issue that occured when family left the villager while the ledger book was open.
  • It is no longer possible to expel the ruling family.
  • Increased threshold for cursor detection on edges of the screen to address issues with map mouse scrolling in specific resolutions.
  • Fixed an issue causing families to not clear their storefront when they are expelled.
  • Fixed an issue with the appearence of graves in specific rotations.
  • Fixed visual issue with fireplace always appearing to be on even when it is off.
  • Added silver and copper jewelery to the supported resources of the cabinet storage.
  • Updated tooltip of the oven to say "Heating" instead of "Baking".
  • Fixed an issue with statues not generating statue resource when removed.
  • Fixed an issue causing wool and gem ore to not be collected under stewardry.
  • Fixed issue with negative demand displayed in the market presence.
  • Fixed issue with butchers slaughtering animals before they had a butchering table.
  • Fixed a visual issue with decorations placed ona table (i.e. candle).
  • The price list now shows prices for meals and alcohol served at the bar.

Balance Changes

  • All equipment now lasts two years. This should give players more time to establish a tailor and reduce the amount of rags in the economy.
  • Increased beauty need satisfaction from art, to prevent villagers constantly interrupting their tasks to look at statues.
  • Clergy is no longer limited by amount of villagers that can do cooking.
  • Price for bed at the inn / tavern as well as profit from sold beverages has been increased.
  • Ruling family no longer has to pay for the bed at the inn if they are forced to sleep there. On the other, they now must pay for any beverages they consume.
  • Optimized prioritizes for attending church and holding Sunday Service.
  • Reduced penalty for not having all villagers attending Sunday Service (only 75% of the settlement must attend)
  • Updated the world generator to generate fruit trees and flowers in the grassfields more often, while reducing the likelihood inside of the forest.
  • Butchers will now stop purchasing animals if the potential profit from their butchering yields are lower than the animal price.
  • Reduced frequency of villagers drinking at the inn.
  • Increased all prices by 25%, together with the amount of gold villagers carry.
  • Reduced prices of fish, meat and sausages, to make them competitive with other food ingredients and give butchers and fishers a chance to profit.
  • Reduced prices of straw and acorns to make villagers prioritize them as animal food.
  • Increased the starting amount of wood and removed wooden planks from the cost of the wooden wall.
  • Reduced the heat generated by fireplace, campfire and oil lamp.
  • Further reduced vegetation spread
  • Novices will continue to build despite a functional library, if there is nobody assigned to the monk order.
  • Teenagers can now operate the storefront.
  • The maximum amount of animals on a map has been increased.
  • Sizes of starting families have been increased (particularly fishermen).
  • Sizes of all spawned families have been increased to make presence of two-member families very rare. This also boosts tourism and increases external consumption at the inn.
  • Stone paving now costs 2 stone tiles instead of 1 stone.
  • Reduced probability of pets producing an offspring.
  • Villagers will now purchase beer or mead at random.
  • Increased profit per alcohol glass.
  • Increased prices of meals at the inn and the tavern.
  • Reduced price of grain to make production of bread more profitable.
  • Reduced time to produce flour in the mill.
  • Increased time to process an animal corpse by the butchers.
  • Cost of animals is reduced relatively to the cost of meat, to make butchering more profitable.
  • Sausages, cheese, bread and butter have been moved to a new cooking ingredient category called Made Products. Pastry category has been removed.
  • Production of sausages now also requires grain.
  • Prices of meat and sausages have been reduced so they can compete on the market with other ingredients.
  • Villagers now go to the bed two hours later (10 PM).
  • Increased the amunt of money families start with.
  • Caravans stay for three extra days to give them more time to purchase surplus goods from various storefronts around the settlement.

Quality of Life Improvements

  • "Money" resource category appears on the top in the ledger.
  • Added extra condition for visitors to appear - there now must be a bar at the tavern / inn built as well.
  • All villagers are now able to collect fruits and blueberries from trees in their zones. Only farmers are able to plant them.
  • Added a question mark icon in the tooltip of selected structures, which brings up the structure tooltip from the build menu.
  • Added indicator to the structure tooltip if a structure has visual variations.
  • Added option in settings to manage the frequency of autosaves.
  • Animal age group is now displayed in the animal tooltip when selected.
  • The hover tooltip on the clock has been expanded with counters for tax payment days.

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